Tuesday, December 6, 2011

X'mas Extravaganza

Ever since I started this blog, I have always been inspired by you guys to do better! I know a lot of you tell me how I help you with a lot of your fashion queries but the feedback you guys give me helps me more! So I've decided that during December, being the happy month that it is, I am going to be doing a bunch of giveaways  to give back to my lovely readers! This week's giveaway is with Styledrive's very first sponsor, Fashionatclick.

Now to enter the giveaway all you have do is :-

1) Log on to Fashionatclick

2) Browse through their lovely collection of clothes and accessories.

3) Copy the link of the item you love the most and would like to win & paste it in my comment box below while you tell me why you need this item in your life.

That's all. Now keep your fingers crossed and see who the winner is on 11th December on my Facebook page
Good luck ladies! Happy window shopping.

(You have to be a resident of India and be above 18 to enter this contest.)-
-----------------------Contest Closed-------------------------

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  1. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/casual-tapered-trouser.html
    Why do I need this in my life:
    a- I own no tapered trousers
    b- been in my wishlist since about a year
    c- peachy orange pants!! - Never tried them before so this is my moment to shine!

  2. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/dress/mis-lace-dress.html

    I am head over heels in love with this black one-shouldered lace dress! I must have this in my life because for one, I've been OD-ing on lace for the past few weeks. And two, I picked up red pumps for Christmas and If I pair them with this dress - It will be an Epic win.

    Thanks for the great contest Aayushi :) Keep up the lovely blog!

  3. Item Name: Pleated Sleeve Bird Top

    I think this top is pure love! I like that I could team it with my chino pants, high-waist skirt or layer a midi dress with it.

    It's long-sleeved and therefore all one would need for a chilly night in Mumbai. The pleated sleeves are a bonus and quite adorable, if you ask me. :)

    Item Link: http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/casualtops/pleated-sleeve-bird-top.html

  4. Item Name: Raglan Jumpsuit

    I think this jumpsuit can be dressed up or dressed down and hence is very versatile.I also feel that since its crepe it will be better than the ones available in other materials since I am pear shaped.
    I have been wanting to try on and purchase a jumpsuit for a while but it just hasnt happened.I think this piece of clothing will look different everytime if you pair it with different accessories.
    I just adore this jumpsuit!
    Thanks for the lovely contest =)

  5. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/floral-belles.html

    I love floral prints and i love butterflies...
    the little detailing of the tiny butterfly and the brown piping and sprinkled flower print is just the right amount to team this up with prints or solid colors and the cream is just right too!

    keeping my fingers crosed!

    Shoe size would be 37/38

  6. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/trends/botanical-1/floral-printed-kimono-style.html

    When I first saw this kimono hanging in a stall in my college fest, I instantly fell in love with it as it's very Stella McCartney S/S 2011. It's perfect for European summers and I had been searching high and low for a fun citrus print like this until I finally found it in my college fest but didn't have enough bucks to buy it (end-of-the-month, ugh). Now that it's up for a giveaway I reeeeeeally want it! It's the closest thing to a Stella McCartney that I could ever own :)

  7. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/gisselle-bag.html

    Hi Aayushi! I love the earthy colour of this bag. It has a blend of formal and casual look. Would love to flaunt it on my first day of work!

  8. Item name: Lock Bag

    Link: http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/lock-bag.html

    I've been dreaming of adding a brown lock bag to my collection for months now! it would complete so many outfits for me :)



  9. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/vivienne-bag.html

    The Vivenne Bag.
    Tangerine Is here to stay...an orangyy hued Bag is A MUST HAVE in my closet...m lusting for dat ART da moment i saw it on fashionatclick!!!...

  10. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/dress/silkbowshiftdress.html

    i bought a pair of classy shocking pink ankle strap stilettos for christmas! so i could team them up with this simple yet fashionable dress & carry it for one of my parties or d many weddings i have this season!! Will also buy a Classy Shocking pink clutch!!

    Keep up wid ur awesome Blog!!

    Thankyou!! =)

  11. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/casualtops/bird-shirt.html

    I like this top because of it's cut and how it falls on your body. The length helps it pass off as a tunic, it's airy feel helps it pass off as a blouse so overall, it can be worn in a variety of ways.
    1)Over khaki skinny jeans, open toe booties and a messenger bag for an Alexa Chung inspired look.
    2)Partly tucked into denim shorts, crossbody bag and flip flops for a laid back look.
    3) Tucked into a rib knit skirt and worn with a statement necklace and platform pumps for a night out.


  12. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/white-mq.html
    i really luv this bag..

  13. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/dress/mis-lace-dress.html

    I am going through a lacey phase, if you know what i mean! I've the perfect Egyptian necklace, nude pumps and a colour blocked satchel to pair with this. my Christmas will be made in advance i win this. xoxo

  14. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/dress/midnight-blue-shift-dress.html
    i absolutely love the sleeves .. so chic :)

  15. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/jumpsuits/raglan-jumpsuit.html

    The Reasons:

    The DUMB YET HONEST REASON: I have never worn a jumpsuit :/

    The HAPPY REASON: this particular one has been the love-at-first sight. Pure love with it with a tinge of lust :D

    The HOPE REASON: If the first jumpsuit of my life comes from your giveaway..omagosh.. :D I will be preserving it for all my life as a heritage even after its worn out :D might sound over the top but mean it seriously! :D

    Take care Aayushi!! :)


  16. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/gold-mq.html

    Why meee? Because I just lost some of the most gorgeous pieces I owned, while traveling this weekend, in a suitcase! :'(
    A polka-dotted Zara top, hot-pink Tommy shorts, and the what hurt the MOST, my newest pair of floral palazzo pants from Promod. (Left it all in a cab, I know you know how muchhhh I'm hurting!)

    I'm pretty sure this super-cute bag that I've wanted for a while now will make me feel a whole lot better.


    Apoorva (apushanks@hotmail.com)

  17. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/shoes/block-heels.html
    I need these block heels because its so vintage looking & I love all things vintage :) They look similar to the ones on Asos which are way out of my budget so yeah..I'd like to own a pair of block heeled shoes ..pretty please??

  18. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/dress/peek-a-boo-dress.html

    Reason - hmmmm,I love white! I love sheer!
    so whats not to buy this dress!???

  19. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/dress/flowerpowerdress.html
    This is an all time classic!
    I think this dress will suit my body type and will help me bag a beautiful day outfit.
    good going aayushi!
    Thank You.

  20. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/mis-lace-dress.html

    aahhh.. this lace dress will be a perfect addition!! coz im yet to try on the lace trend.. and this looks super sexy!! :)) and plus its black!! can be paired with mostly... ANYTHING!! :D

  21. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/trends/party-picks/mis-lace-dress.html

    Lace dresses have been so IN the whole year, but alass I couldn't find the perfect one for me !!
    This is a mix of 2 of my favorite trends- One shoulder & Lace !! The perfect gift Santa can give me by the end of this year ! : )

  22. Because my only surviving bag is a shapeless , moss (ugh) green walmart offering. I rest my case.



  23. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/dress/roselline-dress.html

    I need this because I LOVE floral print, and the rose print is not the regular off-the-mill floral print. It stands out by itself even while following the trend! :)

  24. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/gold-mq.html

    Why I should own this bag:
    a)For my unending and unconditional love for bags,
    b)Because this Bling-y bag shall get me through ALLL the upcoming festivities pinned up in the month of December,
    c)I have my exams running,and I DESPERATELY need retail therapy,
    d)That said,I'm ABSOLUTELY broke,and I suppose winning a Giveaway would be the Perfect Santa's present right now.


  25. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/eveningblouses/party-girl-shirt.html

    Item name: Party girl shirt
    Why i need it :well, what would Christmas be without a little bling? and plus, its the hottest trend of the season! absolute score! :) x

  26. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/vivienne-bag.html - Vivienne bag in orange

    I've been searching for an eye-catcher for so long, this one makes the cut. Its a statement by itself!

  27. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/shoes/gladiator-heels.html
    I am in love with these Gladiator Heels and want them so very badley because I am lukin' for these kind of heels since quite a while now but somewhere the colours din't excite me and somewhere the heels are really high for me but these really caught my attention. Now I hope that You and the cute people at FashoinatClick will be kind towards me and will gift me these heels :)

  28. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/mis-lace-dress.html
    it was love at first sight and i definitely deserve a happy ending because i ahve been searching high and low for the perfect lace dress and Voila! i found it! It would be perfect for the festive season.Thank you.

  29. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/buckle-bag.html

    I'm glad to be a part of this competition. As to why i need this bag in my oh so messed up wardrobe because i just stepped into first year of college and my big books just don't fit in my little bag. So if i win this bag i get to put my books in my bag with all my girly stuff!!! yipeee!!

  30. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/eveningblouses/butterfly-lace-top.html

    Because everyone needs an oversized something in their wardrobes (:

  31. They have the worst collection. How can you even have a giveaway like this! You should be choosing stuff like this judiciously. I thought you were different and not just doing random "unknown" yuck! brands.
    good luck to that.

    you got more potential gal.

  32. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shopby/guilt-bags/animal-print.html
    Animal print is the current rage everywhere: And if i win I'd still be guilt free :D

  33. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/shoes/gladiator-heels.html
    Okay, let me just start by admitting that I was really not into this whole Gladiator Heels trend until very,very recently.It took me a little while to stop thinking of these shoes as, for lack of a better word, fug, and start embracing their adorable-ness.

    But now that I’ve seen the light, it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with them! and would love own a pair, what could be more perfect than this holiday season!!! Thanks :)

  34. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/jewellery/entangled-necklace.html
    I have never really been a fan of jewellery until very recently. This necklace looked beautiful and I would love to wear it . I've been searching a lot for the perfect , chunky necklace and I was quite surprised to find this one . It would be perfect fr the party season.

  35. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/dress/lace-pleated-dress.html

    I don't know why but now a days i have great obssession for lace dresses and tops.This pretty dress is exactly what i WANT.I have perfect accessories which will go with this dress.I hope i am lucky enough to get it :D Thank you!
    Neha Vora

  36. Link : http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/animal-print.html

    I would LOVE to win this bag... because I am OBSESSED with animal print and its extremely trendy right now. It would look amazing with something even that is simple and make that outfit look so elegant.

    Malvika Dhume

  37. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/dress/layer-slim-dress.html

    Hi. I m too nervous as I have never taken part in a giveaway.. i want this dress becoz I love the colour, I dont own a dress plus i can wear it as a skirt too. n lastly I want to tell u that I love u n ur blog alottt.

  38. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/lock-bag.html

    I need this bag because umm... i just NEED it. Nothing can really explain my crazy obsession with bags. And also cuz i threw out 4 of them today.... :(
    Absolutely love it.....


  39. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/vivienne-bag.html
    I need this bag in my life because of its amazing colour and style.Plus I don't own a bag in this colour and it would be nice to add this to my wardrobe.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/jewellery/fabric-bow-necklace.html

    I fell in love with this necklace the moment i saw it. It can be a great accessory for a lot of dresses. N i loved the usage of fabric in this one.

    Thanks :)

  42. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shopby/guilt-bags/lock-bag.html

    How cute is that lock on this bag?. And tan, absolutely love. Oh the outfit possibilities :D
    Needless to say I love your blog.Thanks for the giveaway. Please be my Santa this Christmas :D

    Renita Dsilva


  43. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/rivets-bag.html

    Why this? Because I have a museum of bags that look like they’ve been excavated after centuries! This bag would be perfect for me to start building my bag castle again; battalion ready!!!
    *Who needs prince charming when you can have a bag as gorgeous as this?!?

    I hope Santa gifts me this. . I’m certain I’ve been good this year!

  44. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/vivienne-bag.html

    I am a student who is interning yet and i dont really earn enough to buy my mother a lovely gift. And ive always wanted to gift her something not from the money they have given me. Her b'day was on 25th november and i did not gift her anything. So this would be the perfect gift to her. I hope i am the lucky onee.


  45. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shopby/guilt-bags/vivienne-bag.html

    I so neeed this.
    1) i want to gift it to my sister on her 1st marriage anniversary which is 2nd jan as dis will b THE PERFECT gift for her. I being a student will not to be able to afford it otherwise.

    2) i believe that the quality that i will be getting will be one of the best since it's u and fashionatclick working it out.


  46. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/lock-bag.html

    There are so many bags that look great tangling on your forearm, but the second you put them over your shoulder they loose some of their appeal.This bag is perfect for my frantic search for The Chloe Marcie Large leather Bag.Its is perfectly designed to swing over the shoulder as well as a satchel.and the Tan oooh its season-less and versatile

  47. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/lock-bag.html

    I just loved this bag!!!! "CHIC" is the word for it....... n since i worship........ "CHIC"ness... I think this bag would be perfect for me.... ;) n guess that y i follow your blog so loyally......... I think your blog is like a 'BIBLE' (A book regarded as authoritative in its field) for "THE CHIC" i just loooooooooooooooove the bag.........

    _parnavi T. :) ;) <3 :)

  48. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/lavender-jumpsuit.html

    Because it's the most gorgeous jumpsuit to have as the very first pair. *sigh*

  49. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/promotionaloffers-1/black-kimono-dress.html

    I think that one needs to have a sort of feel about the kind of clothes/accessories or anything that goes on their body for that matter.
    When I saw this kimono (and I have been looking for a while) it called out to me. Its simplistic and so very zen.
    It would be a superb essential to own and a pleasure to accessorize.
    This is the first time I am participating in a give away so *fingers crossed*

    Also, great work on the blog. It really is a good fashion read :)

  50. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/shoes/bow-belle.html

    How can a girl resist these cute pair of shoes? I'm lovestruck already!

  51. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/shoes/gladiator-heels.html
    I don’t look to celebrities for fashion inspiration most of the time, but my love of these particular shoes(Gladiator heels) definitely grew from watching the famous wear them! Sometimes you can’t help but see a photo of a celeb and think, “wow, she looks fabulous!” Now that Gladiator heels are Hot trend I'd love to have them in my shoe collection..

  52. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/dress/butterfly-dress.html
    Love the style, its elegant yet sexy.completely my style>

  53. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/gold-mq.html

    I need this bag in my life!! It's gorgeous and such a statement piece. Perfect for the holiday season...!!

  54. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/vivienne-bag.html

    LOVE the colour. It's big enough to carry it to work or to college or even when I travel. I can dump my ipod, notebooks, tiffin box, folders, make up thus reducing the plastic bags I have to carry. So giving me the bag will also benefit the environment :p

    But the most important thing is the colour which is lust worthy and I have to have it!!!!


  55. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/dress/black-kimono-dress.html

    The dress is calling out to me!! perfect with some leopard heels and a box clutch for my birthday party..!!!!

  56. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/gold-mq.html

    This is such a prettyyyyy bag!! Although almost every accessory i own is in gold, but then again, its such a lovely color that its difficult to keep my hands and mind away from it! ;)
    I loved this bag soo much that i really would love to own this piece as i dont have a gold bag! <3

    much love,
    Madhumita <3

  57. I'm just about to start work, and this bag is the perfect one. It's simple & the animal print really takes it up a notch :)



  58. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/buckle-bag.html

    Simple yet stylish.. so much like everything on style drive! :)

  59. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/vivienne-bag.html

    Because I'm a little girl in a not so little world - I start a job this summer and this bag will make me want to go to work everyday :D No kidding!

  60. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/womenswear/shop-by-product/casualtops/gossipgirl-shirt.html

    I want that heart print shirt because I've been eyeing heart prints since a long time but have still not been able to find it in a good material and my budget.
    The shirt is SO cute!

  61. http://www.fashionatclick.com/index.php/accessories/shop-by-product/bags/colour-blocking-statshel.html

    The bag depicts the color blocking trend to perfection. It's the best I've seen till date, I'm completely in love with it.

    Jyoti. <3