Tuesday, December 13, 2011

X'mas Extravaganza Deux

Hello lovlies! Kiehl's recently opened up their flag ship store in Mumbai at the Infinity Mall at Malad. Boy was I excited when I heard that! I have religiously used the Keihl's Lip balm for what seems like forever! They believe that healthy skin is more important than anything and I couldn't agree more!So Keihl's and I have teamed up to give back to you! All you have to do is comment below and tell me why healthy skin is important to you. The best and quirkiest answer will win a gorgeous skincare hamper from Kiehl's!

Just a few things to keep in mind.

Follow @KiehlsIndia on twitter.

You can get an extra entry by entering through Twitter. All of you have to do is , write the same answer and tweet @KiehlsIndia and @aayushibangur and add #KiehlsMumbai at the end of your answer!

Don't forget to leave your name and your twitter handle name (if you enter through twitter as well) when you comment below.

That's all. I will announce the winner on my Twitter and Facebook Page.
So what are you waiting for? Enter now!!
Goodluck ladies! 

(To enter this contest you have to be a resident of India and 18 years or above)

-----------------------Contest Closed-------------------------

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  1. Purnima malik
    twitter name - purnima_malik

  2. Checking out your blog for the first time but I have to say u have a really nice blog...xoxo

    Check out my blog ..sassi-cici.blogspot
    U can follow me

  3. Healthy skin is important because it's the best accessory. It goes with everything, irrespective of the outfit ;)

    Margaret Julian Alexander

  4. Healthy skin is a must for me coz it helps in presenting myself glamorously. Eating green vegetables, fruits and drinking lots of water helps in making ur skin glowy and pimple free. Cleansing + Scrubbing + Toning + Moisturization + Sunscreen is the ideal way for keeping ur skin flawless and blemish free.

    Facebook- Anupama eyyunni


    email- eanupamajsr@gmail.com
    (following styledrv & kiehl's india in fb and twitter)

  5. Healthy skin is important because for any outfit to look good on you, you need have nourished and moisturized skin that has healthy glow.

  6. Healthy skin is important because it is a step to feel good and beautiful about oneself and one's personality. A healthy skin also enlightens the soul from within. :)

    My twitter handle : @Gulabo_

  7. Taking care of skin will improve the look of makeup.Since d proper application of makeup is designed 2 enhance n accentuate features rather than cover up natural beauty :)

  8. Good and healthy skin with proper care can help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems.

  9. When our skin is unhealthy it is usually a reflection of the internal state of our bodies, and is often a sign of poor elimination of toxins and waste products, thr4 keeping skin healthy keeps your body fit as well.

  10. I think makeup = fake it up..
    healthy skin = confidence & happiness
    wen u hv a healthy b'ful skin u don't need to fake it up..
    I understand d importance of a healthy skin coz i recently went through a pathetic skin phase w/h i hv just overcome...so for me a healthy skin gives me lots of confidence & great happiness.

    NAME: kanika
    Twitter: kanika_justa
    email: 8.kanikaa@gmail.com

  11. Healthy skin is your best cosmetic bet :) No amount of makeup looks or feels better than healthy skin!

    yvettezuppiger at gmail dot com

  12. Healthy Skin is important because it saves you money. You dont waste it on foundations, concealers,beauty treatments etc etc.

  13. You might look beautiful but healthy skin makes you feel beautiful..

  14. In an age where we are surrounded by duplicity and cosmetic apparitions, the least we can do is try and keep our skin as healthy as it can be. There is only one way about it, and that's to go completely natural, just like God, or for that matter Kielh's, intends to. :)

  15. Healthy skin helps exude confidence, captivate the eye, enhance body image and contributes to a person's beauty.


  16. Healthy skin not only boosts confidence and improves self image but also help in curbing the monstrous make-up bills as good skin leads to less makeup :D
    Twitter name - Teenagerwoes

  17. Healthy skin is a reflection of inner health,
    You can't use short-cuts or methods of stealth,
    Detoxifying your insides:
    balanced diet and working out,
    Believe it or not,we shall see
    a healthy skin outside sprout.
    Accentuate with right products
    and glossify with perfect make-up,
    And you are ready to look
    uber-fab even after a bad break-up,
    And now that I'm done with rhyme,
    And committed a poetic crime,
    Is all I can say,
    that every day,
    for a healthy glowing skin,
    Whether the day is dark or bright,
    raise your chin
    and treat yourself right.
    That not only makes happy inside,
    but oozes out in your skin outside.

    I'm following you and Kiehl's India on twitter as well.


    Twitter name:Nehaa_S(but can't tweet the entire poem!)

    e-mail address:nea.sarna@gmail.com

  18. Healthy skin is importanat to me cause , Healthy skin reflects an aura of good Karma .
    name : Sadhana Tawde , Twitter Handle : sadhanata

  19. Why is healthy skin important to me??

    I gotta attract all the hot stuff out there!!
    Hot stuff = Attire, Accessories, Shoes & even Boys! ;)

  20. Healthy skin is the reflection of my inner emotions, a happy, healthy, confident me has clear, glowing skin. A tense, worried, frustrated me has patchy, acne prone skin.
    Of course my healthy skin needs external catalysts, I scrub, I tone and I moisturise regularly.

    Aetiquette@gmail.com Twitter-aeaurora

  21. Healthy skin will always be the one accessory who's absence is blatantly noticeable, no matter how chic the rest of your outfit is.


  22. coz, when i get up in the morning and confront my manifestation, i want myself to smile, to glow in my internal glory (lol) to be happy the whole day ,
    which = healthy skin! one thing which can make or break ur day!
    sometimes materialistic reasons but mostly self satisfaction :)

    sneha, twitter- sneha_zing, followed but cant tweet the whole thing! too long!