Sunday, December 11, 2011

Burgundy Love

Top- Reiss, Trousers- Zara, Tank- Forever21, Ring- Forever21, Necklace- Aldo, Watch- Michael Kors, Bag- Mango, Shoes- Zara

Life is full of risks. Be it a life altering one or even those coloured trousers you just bought. Life is a lot more fun with risks, that is what I have learnt! Hence the trousers and of course my love for Burgundy had a mammoth role to play in adding these to my wardrobe. This season I have added a burgundy jumper, blazer, shirt, skirt, dress and trouser to my closet. I am telling you, it's addictive! I have been waiting for winter to arrive to this city for the longest time now and it's gradually getting here! My knits and blazers will finally get a sneak peek of the world.

Now for the help bit. If you are someone who still just gazes at coloured trousers at the mall and the trial room is the only place you've worn them then well, it's time to shed those inhibitions! A little help-
If you're a beginner, start with a colour you'll be the most comfortable in. Preferably a darker one. Deep purple, burgundy, bottle green, etc.
Pair them with your neutral tops- white, black, grey, beige or off white.
Accessorize with contrast jewellery with gold or silver accents.
And voila!
It really isn’t as hard as that girl on the street made you feel. Give it a try and tell me how it went!

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  1. You look so pretty! DIG the hair and the trousers too!

  2. Love the burgundy trousers. I am still trying to decide whether to get colored trousers or just wait for the fashion to go away.

  3. I absolutely LOVED the ring... and you look gorgeous in the pictures... <3

  4. You look so gorgeous in these photos. They're really great shots.

    I just found your blog, it's also very pretty. Like the rainbow sidebar buttons a lot!
    I'm following you now. I hope you'll stop by mine sometime to say hey and of course follow me back if you like it!

    Amelia @ Ugly Duckling x

    I Was An Ugly Duckling

  5. love the burgundy trousers!love your blog!i 'm following you!follow me if you want!

  6. hi5, i hav the same pants frm zara!!!!
    and the sloppy bag looks great!!!

  7. LOVE the color of your trousers....I've been addicted to my red pair since the moment I've bought it! :)

    P.S.: Found your blog through Tanvi's......following you now! :))

  8. In fact, style evolves with every risk you take. Loving your colored pants and the statement rings. Am your new follower.

  9. i like first pic- so chic and sexy!!

  10. Loving the look..I recently got myself a pair of teal trousers..but yes totally digging burgundy now :)

  11. oh wow how gorgeous you are *__*

    My blog is going to change your life. Haha. Just kidding<3
    my blog♥mfashionfreak
    Sigma giveaway♥mfashionfreak

  12. you look beautiful your pants!!!

  13. Simple yet elegant is the perfect word for this outfit of yours :)

  14. love the photos here---they are so romantic!

  15. Oh wow those are very beautiful .Your excitement is clearly justified! I want to tell youtrue religion shorts is my favorite and hope you can come in and see.

  16. Sometimes in life you get just as much as you risk .

    Very well written post .

    The combination of Burgundy +Grey (my fav ) is striking .

    And kudos to your photographer .