Friday, February 10, 2017

Little Things

 photo IMG_0229_zpsphqpnxnk.jpg
 photo IMG_0213_zpsx2gsetjw.jpg photo IMG_0248_zpsnwecpt8c.jpg
 photo IMG_0124_zpsnetx79i5.jpg photo IMG_0218_zpsruakwock.jpg
 photo IMG_0201_zpscrejsolg.jpg
Jeans- Only, T-shirt- Only, Watch- Daniel Wellington, Bag- Chanel, Shoes- Veromoda, Glasses- H&M, Denim Bomber- Only

We shot this look during our brief trip to Taiwan! It was a gorgeous sunny day with cold winds and we were wandering round the Yehliu Geopark staring at the gorgeous pacific ocean & the result of years of erosion. Anyway's as it was going to be a long day with a lot of quick strides, I decided to go a comfy outfit. These jeans from Only did not only tick the comfort box but it also scored high on the trend aspect. To match it, I chose this basic stripped tee which was punctuated with these chic patches and to add in that extra layer, I threw on this chambray bomber. This entire collection by Only is all about the street style look. Jeans with quirky quotes and patches, chambray dresses with a chic sporty vibe, denim jackets with floral details and lots of t-shirts with cold shoulder detailing to add to your college or weekend wardrobe!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Midnight Bloom

 photo styldrv_9376_zpsgyvjagn7.jpg
 photo styldrv_9453_zpsn2plcpvr.jpg photo styldrv_9460_zpstepds2iw.jpg
 photo styldrv_9381_zps01ca4npt.jpg
 photo styldrv_9394_zpsh1igqonh.jpg photo styldrv_-9481_zpsuj3sq9su.jpg
 photo styldrv_9380_zpsu7q1igp1.jpg
Dress- Veromoda, Shoes- Steve Madden, Belt- St. Frock, Bag- Chanel, Sunglasses- RayBan

The new fashion season has begun & it's time to let go of your favourite fall/winter looks and make way for the all new trends for 2017. Lots of volume, shades of pink, oversized everything with cropped everything else, velvet, off shoulders are here to stay but one of my favourite trends is embroidery and appliqués on denims, jackets, shirts and even sheer dresses! This sheer, midi length beauty from Veromoda could hence not be passed up on. Not only does the peek-a-boo play catalyst in achieving that sexy date night look but the length and embroidery add the classic yet on trend vibe to it. I love drawing attention to my waist to create a close to hourglass figure so I added a belt but if you're going for a more androgynous vibe, try pairing it with a lace bustier and fitted trousers or even with a blazer for an extremely elegant feel. And if you're someone who loves the embroidery but runs away from dresses, Veromoda is doing similar appliqués in shirts, t-shirts and more causal pieces too! They key to rocking this trend is sticking to basic black & white palette and adding a punch of colour through the embroidery with gorgeous reds, yellows & greens. I can't wait to flaunt more of this trend not just through summer but hopefully throughout the year. 

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Oxblood & Ochre

 photo styldrv_5799_zpsndpqgdxt.jpg
 photo styldrv_5885_zpslwf5leug.jpg
 photo styldrv_5784_zpsp3hhgg1w.jpg
 photo styldrv_5953_zpsufoawdl4.jpg
 photo styldrv_5886_zpsx9gpgsr7.jpg
 photo styldrv_5942_zps9wmxflbk.jpg
 photo styldrv_5778_zpsowzwzyl4.jpg
 photo styldrv_5934_zpssgmujrnw.jpg
Suede Jacket- Veromoda, White lace top & Suede skirt- Veromoda, Shoes- Gianvito Rossi| Location- Pantry, Mumbai

Unlike the previous few years, this party season seems to have spilled into January as well! Usually the holiday parties end with New Years Eve but it's 3rd January today and I've already been to two parties and have atleast 10 more to go before this month ends. So I'm making the most of the on going sales and grabbing some fun pieces that I can add to my stack of slay clothes. This suedette mini skirt from Veromoda is a piece that you can dress in so many different ways and make it look brand new with just switching the pieces around. I love the hue as well because it works into so many different colour palettes making the perfect transition piece. 

For this look, I paired it with a intricate lace & crochet top which created a subtle contrast. To amp it up a bit, I threw on this suedette fringe jacket! This jacket is definitely another piece thats going to be in my closet for years. The fabric, the cut, the colour, the style, the gold buttons, there's nothing that can ever make me dislike it! To finish off, my trustee Gianvito Rossi heels & a choker did the trick. For another event, I plan to pair this skirt with a ruffled black lace top and with an army green shirt for yet another day time event. What's your take on this look & what are the trends you're currently loving?

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Friday, December 30, 2016


 photo styldrv_5759_zpsa9bvv3cn.jpg
 photo styldrv_5968_zpsb0rzojne.jpg
 photo styldrv_5820_zpsctkcuxhk.jpg
 photo styldrv_6040_zpsjr6qbfn1.jpg
 photo styldrv_5961_zpst6ktvgso.jpg
 photo styldrv_5794_zpsx8iama9i.jpg
 photo styldrv_5860_zpskt4dfs8j.jpg
 photo styldrv_6016_zpstr8sja6z.jpg
 photo styldrv_5981_zpsflojrggb.jpg
 photo styldrv_6075_zpsemwt1y1d.jpg
Top & Skirt- Veromoda, Light Box- ALittleLovelyCompany

Where do I even begin? This year has been the best learning experience I could ask for. To cherish whats yours instead of seeking whats not; To live in the moment instead of trying to capture it alone; To not be afraid of sticking to your own even when the entire world is swaying the other way; To never take your loved ones for granted; it's been a crazy set of 366 days! This year, a lot of my time and energy was divided between the two loves of my life (work & Him) and striking that balance on some days seemed almost impossible yet on others, sounded like a sweet symphony. And in all this chaos, although the good moments won over the not so good ones, the latter made me cherish the former a hell lot more. 

Getting married was definitely the highlight of this year. Not only because it is a milestone in this story called life but because I was all set to start a new journey in more ways than one. You know I sometimes feel like we misuse the word 'Independence' a lot. I've heard every other person talking about how she is a 'Girl Boss' or how he is 'Independent' just because she/he may have started making their own moolah. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't guilty of doing the same in the past but this past month has taught me the true meaning of being 'Independent'. Having lived with my doting parents & brother for the past 26 years, I suppose I did sometimes over look the comfort & love I was showered with. But it's only when you start taking account of the groceries you need to buy, the laundry you need to deal with, the meal you need to cook next or start to pay every single bill do you you realize what the tag of being Independent actually comes with. And please don't mistake this for a complaint because as hectic as it may sound, I love doing every bit of it with someone I love so dearly, constantly by my side, playing the perfect partner in crime! I'm just trying to throw some light on why context is so important. 

Anyways enough of my chatter. We took some these images at our new place last week & I swear we were all set to leave for the location we had in mind but the setting sunlight mesmerized us into doing this. This gorgeous top & skirt from Veromoda glimmered just the right amount as the rays hit it, mimicking the crazy New Year's Eve night you may have planned! I hope you guys have an amazing year ahead not just in your field of work or personal life but spiritually & mentally! May you shine brighter than the sun & may we be blessed with the next big thing because I'm starting to get done with Instagram. Just joking. Lastly, as cheesy as it may sound, I just want to Thank each and everyone one of you for being such gracious people and for accepting the changes in me & my life as your own and supporting me even when there is a new Fashion Blogger on Instagram everyday. Can you tell I'm genuinely done with Instagram? Joking again. Have a lovely evening & fun filled year. Lots of love.

Shot by my lovely Jaina Kumar

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Yesterday I shared some snippets from this video on Snapchat and the response was overwhelming with numerous requests to put our wedding trailer up on the blog! So here it is. Can't wait to see the entire video edit soon and of course to share the same with you guys. I couldn't share much on the social during the main days because I genuinely   got so engrossed in the events but i hope this covers up for that! Hope you enjoy our madness.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

The Wedding Mania

 photo Aayushi  Smaran_zps3bpq2e5v.jpeg

With less than 10 days to go for the wedding, I couldn't think of a better time to pen this. I've obviously been a part of several other weddings of close family members and have had a taste of what a wedding of a certain scale entails but you can't truly know the magnanimity unless you experience the madness yourself! It's been a roller coaster ride with extreme highs and ground breaking lows, all making this experience an extremely special one. It's a bitter sweet feeling of course, leaving the house you've lived in for 26 years & the comfort of having your family around in exchange of moving in with the love of your life & starting a journey of our own. In this process, I've only realized how lucky I am, to be surrounded by people who love me so dearly & selflessly and no matter what I do, I don't think I can ever do enough to one up their warmth! But in the middle of these over flowing emotions comes planning and executing this big fat wedding. The executing part I'll learn more of in the coming two weeks but I thought I'd write this blog giving any of you future brides a quick first hand list to bookmark! So here are the top 5 things that in my opinion you should focus on right after the day your wedding date is finalized.

1) Find your Events Team
Now, I won't lie, in the beginning I started planning our wedding on my own, foolishly assuming that I could handle it. Little did I know that it's not as easy as shortlisting images on Pinterest! We did select the hotels on our own & I even decided on the entire decor themes for the different events but the execution is where Enjay Events stepped in.  I had my first meeting with them back in August and since then I've had the chance to step back a little and enjoy the little moments without stressing about the big ones! Made up of a bunch of the sweetest women, they've been such a positive vibe to have around & have made all efforts to make sure my visions turn to reality. Starting from planning the reception of guests from the airport to their welcome to vendors to the minutest of details on the personalized wedding favours, they've been the guiding light through it all. Keeping Smaran & my tastes in mind, they have customized each part of this wedding and I cannot wait to see it all unfold!

2) Book Your Venues 
Usually once you book your Events Team they would be happy to assist you with best options suited to your style and budget but for my family, we took matters in our own hands! The day we unofficially decided that we will be getting married within 2016, we started scouting venues like hawks. We all agreed on not having the wedding in Mumbai but we couldn't agree on where we wanted to have it! A random visit to Udaipur earlier this year, made it an easy favourite & by the time we got back, we had bookmarked the hotels we wanted to book. It wasn't a piece of cake though. We were pretty flexible with our dates and yet finding the hotels we liked on those dates seemed almost impossible. After back and forth for over 3 months it was finally done. So really, if you're particular about the kind of venues you want, I would say attack this bit right away or else be ready to compromise. 

3) Book the Photographer
Once you've imagined the wedding you want, in the venues you've booked and the decor your event's team has suggested, now is the time to book the team that will capture these imaginations, as it is! This was something that was important for not just Smaran & I but also our families because frankly memories might fade but photographs & videos will aide you in refreshing those memories forever! So why not spend some extra effort in making sure you find a photographer who not only knows his/her job but also focuses on capturing the over flowing emotions in their truest forms! After much deliberations and going through over 200 profiles on, we landed up in a meeting with Aviraj Saluja. We instantly seemed to agree on the same things and that was a very good sign. His pictures seemed to strike a cord with us and he had a video team in the basket to match! You can check out his pictures on Instagram and of course stay tuned to see how he captures our 3 days of madness! 

4) Shortlist The Designers
This was pretty easy for me. I already knew the designers I wanted to look at for the different events and made a list of over 20 designers to start with. The list included Shymal & Bhumika, Dolly J, Papa Don't Preach, Monisha Jaising, Anamika Khanna, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Anita Dongre, Anushree Reddy, Rohit Bal, Sonam & Paras Modi, Anju Modi, Manish Malhotra, EKRU, Aastha Narang and many more! However I have to say that picking the outfits was another task that took me by surprise. Finding 4 outfits that I utterly loved seemed like an unattainable task! I'll talk more about this in a blog that I do post the wedding but for now, hope this list helps you start you search.

5) Start the gym membership/ Dance class 
No, I'm not saying this because I'm one of those people who start pressuring brides to look, talk, walk & breathe a certain way but because this is the one thing that helped me keep my sanity! In between all the work tasks to take care of & the never ending wedding tasks, I only managed to score some me time when I headed out for an hour to either take a dance lesson or a training session at the gym. Not only did this help me get in better shape but it also made me feel better from within, giving me more energy and zeal to shine through the day! So do yourself a favour and get started now. Your clothes will fit better, you'll be able to lift more shopping bags & of course the compliments won't stop flowing. 

I know this blog is much awaited by many but also of interest to a few! I hope I've managed to entice both sets of minds. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram & Snapchat (Username- Styledrive) to see all the wedding madness unfold!

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