Friday, August 26, 2016

A new take on LYF

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Anything that promises me faster internet, I'm on it! With everything so real-time in this digital age, as a blogger, it becomes all the more important for me to be constantly be updated on whats on going. That may have also been the premise of experimenting with the new LYF Wind 3 Smartphones along with Reliance Jio network too. A few weeks ago, a friend mentioned the LYF Smartphone+ VoLTE handsets & the Reliance Jio preview offer. I decided to give it a go as it promised me faster downloads & uploads, high resolution images, a sleek handset & of course a chance to give you guys my opinion on it. The idea behind the network promises to shape the future of India by providing end-to-end digital solutions for businesses, households, institutions, seamlessly bridging the rural-urban divide. How far this turns out to be true one will have to wait & watch but for now here's my take on it!

I tried out the LYF Wind 3 handset under the Jio preview offer in which the network offers you free HD video calls, voice calls, high speed data & sms's for a period of 90days! The idea behind the network is to make sure that broadband & digital service are no longer luxury items. The device came with various preinstalled apps like Jio Play through which you could browse various TV channels or Jio on Demand which is a one stop platform for movies, TV shows, music videos across languages & genres. My favourite is definitely the Jio Beats music app which offers you millions of HD songs in over 20 different languages! I was quite impressed by the Wind 3 handset, it's design & how lightweight it is despite it's 5.50 inch touchscreen! With a 8 megapixel rear camera & a 2 megapixel front camera, coupled with 16 GB storage, this phone is a shutterbugs delight. All in all it looks extremely promising and it would be interesting to see how it all works out once the network is officially launched.

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Monday, August 22, 2016


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Dress-, Pumps- Saint Laurent | Location- The Sassy Spoon

I love shopping online not only because I get a chance to look at multiple collections, in the middle of the night while I lounge in my PJ's but because almost always, I end up getting better deals too! However, I often meet people who find this entire process rather overwhelming and 10 minutes into logging in, they are already ready to flee. I won't lie, at a point in my life, I've been there too. But I've added a few rules to my rule book when it comes to shopping online which in turn made my shopping experience rather gratifying and so, I'm gladly listing them down for you! 

i) Categorize
Most of us tend to resort to online shopping on an impulse. Personally, If I'm shopping out of need, I would log into, search the for category I'm looking, find the product and express checkout! However, sometimes I am just looking to satiate that shopping bug inside me and that's when the endless hours of browsing begin. If you want to avoid falling into the black hole of browsing, decide on a category and look with in. For example, when I ordered this yellow pleated maxi dress, I was specifically wanting to buy a maxi dress and that's the category I started looking into. Even though Amazon Fashion has over 6000 brands, its super easy to shop on as they've divided the products into various categories & curated stores!

ii) Brands
This is yet another route that would make your online shopping experience more fruitful. If you're looking for or are fond of a particular brand, log onto and search for the brand you're looking for. This would bring up all the items available in that brand category and you could even set the price setting as per your requirement! Some of my favourite brands to shop from are Nike, GAS, Tommy Hilfiger, United Colours of Benetton, Chemistry, Veromoda, Biba, etc. Not only do I find it easier to find my size here, I also end up getting a great deal due to on going discounts. And if you're not sure about your size, they have a size guide curated by their team that instantly comes to your aide.

iii) Trends & Seasons
If you're like me and love getting a regular dose of trendy products, shopping online gives you the opportunity to quickly get hold of these pieces with out much ponder. And although I find it vital to upgrade by wardrobe with some trendy pieces every now and then, I also make sure to stock up on the seasonal basics! So a maxi dress in a bright hue for summer, a fitted blazer for the cooler months and lots of skirts for the monsoon are a must buy and I can find them all on Amazon Fashion.

I think if you follow these three golden rules, you could easily over come the monster that you think online shopping is! It's much easier than you think and let me tell you now, it can be quite addictive too. I hope you guys enjoyed this look and will apply these rules while indulging in some e-retail therapy next time!

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Powder Pink Pop

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 photo styldrv_5948_zpskdcf1yfm.jpg
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Jacket- Veromoda, Dress- Veromoda, Pumps- Saint Laurent| Location- The Sassy Spoon

Pretty much every store I've stepped into recently, be it a global high street chain or the local multi-designer stores, powder pink has managed to take over at least one half of these spaces. And one shirt at a time, this hue has managed to grow on me too. So when I spotted this faux leather jacket at Veromoda, I may have done a somersault in my head while walking towards the rack to grab one in my size! I've seen so many girls rock a similar cropped jacket on Instagram with a pair of skinny blue jeans & a white tee and although I love that look, I was determined to style it differently. Even though leather jackets add that edginess to a look, the colour of this one made it more feminine & gave me the chance to pair it with something more edgier. This black flowy dress is definitely a one of kind piece. The metallic detail & cutouts in the front add such a unique look to the classic Little Black Dress. A perfect night out or date night dress, this one made me want to go sans any jewellery! Just a little hint on pink with the gorgeous leather jacket & a mauve hue on the lips, definitely did the trick. 

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Friday, August 12, 2016

The Indian Twist

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 photo 3d5b5794-db51-4a2f-bf3e-26b144c054ef_zpslymqx4io.jpg
 photo c70b872d-e3d6-45a5-9a7d-4d24534b0cf1_zpsbbwrnlgl.jpg
 photo 53280665-bc8b-406b-9b66-c8198b8a4b25_zpsaodg7fhf.jpg
 photo 90f7e42d-39af-4e8c-93b1-0b152eba6733_zpsg5e9vf28.jpg
Outfits- MissaMore, Location- The D'Decor Store, Mumbai

Most of my Rakhi outfits so far have always been a result of rummaging in my closet for 15 minutes and putting together an outfit by mixing a traditional piece with a more modern silhouette. But this year MissaMore has me sorted. They recently came out with capsule collection for the festivities and these are some of my favourite looks. If you're the kinds who loves to dress up on Rakhi, go for this parrot green, cold shoulder top and pair with your cream palazzo pants and some opulent jewellery. If you're the more relaxed kinds, go for the printed slit top with pastel green pants or this gold maxi top paired with your favourite denims! I also love this cropped top paired the two toned palazzo look. There's definitely something for everyone. So if you're looking for a last minute outfit, order now and don't forget to show me how you style it for Rakhi or otherwise on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

White lace & The Drew

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 photo styldrv_3997_zpsqgfqlbln.jpg
 photo styldrv_4049_zpsiv2yc25r.jpg
 photo styldrv_-4084_zpsh6iozbbu.jpg
 photo styldrv_3999_zpsvikv8apn.jpg
Dress-, Sandals- Zebba, Bag- Chloe, Sunglasses- Forever21| Location- Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai

When I'm dreaming of a Holiday on the gorgeous beaches of Spain but see no way to escape in the near future, I attempt to suffice that need by dressing up like I would on a day out in say, Barcelona! This gorgeous white lace dress is dreamy & fits almost any and every scenario. It's white which is perfect for summer, it's off shoulder which is probably the biggest trend this year and it's lace so it's as feminine as it can get! I would wear this with tie up sandals accentuated with colourful pom poms, paired with a bright cross body bag for a day of shopping and being touristy & quickly change the look up for a dinner or night out with a pair of nude pumps, some statements gold earrings or a statement choker, a gold clutch & red lips! You can find so many varied options which are similar to what I'm wearing from brands like Aeropostale, Veromoda, Carlton London, Steve Madden, Accessorise, Rayban, Caprese and many more on

When I plan my wardrobe for a holiday, I try to pick pieces that are versatile enough to go from day to night and can easily be worn in multiple different ways by just changing the accessories. I also love shopping from places like Amazon as it not only gives me a million different options from so many high street as well as kitsch brands but also offers these items at jaw dropping prices. They also segregate and organise the garments into various occasion based or brand based categories which makes the online shopping process a lot more serene. I am due to take a break later this year and the anxious mind that I am, I've already started filling up suitcase up with some bright jumpsuits, gorgeous maxi dress for the beach & this quirky dress for that kitsch feel. Are you guys headed somewhere? Comment here on my Instagram and help me pick a destination for my holiday later this year!

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Back to School

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 photo styldrv_-4815_zpspzhb0oyj.jpg
 photo styldrv_4747_zpsqrukfqh8.jpg
 photo styldrv_4797_zps3jko13tw.jpg
 photo styldrv_4696_zpsxy62towi.jpg
 photo styldrv_4791_zpsii8weusb.jpg
 photo styldrv_4630_zps7ix2nxis.jpg
 photo styldrv_4729_zpsj69byqgs.jpg
Dress- Only, Shoes- Adidas, Bag- Missamore, Necklaces- Forever21 , H&M| Location- Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai

With Instagram being the first thing you look at as soon as you wake up, I'm sure it's hard to run out of outfit ideas. I sometimes wonder, that when I was in college, having something like Instagram would make my mornings so much easier! But had Instagram existed back then, I wouldn't have found the amazing blogs I used to & still follow and also, I probably wouldn't have been motivated to start my own! A part of my everyday schedule was to browse through my favourite blogs and bookmark looks that I'd love to replicate in my day to day life & of course in my own way. So I thought that for those inquisitive minds who still do take the effort & interest in visiting a blog and reading the story behind the look, I'd create a Back to School look and also give you a little low down on what you should do to create that foolproof wardrobe!

Most college days are long with a minimum of 6 hours being spent sitting at a bench which means that comfort is key! This chambray denim dress from Only, is not only comfortable and on trend but the sleeves add that extra oomph to the look. Look for pieces that are classic and comfortable but have that little extra something which will make you stand out from the crowd. The best & most trouble-free way to change up the look is with your accessories! This was my favourite trick back in college and in fact, I have yet to be done with it. The dress worked as a beautiful canvas for some layering action. I just picked out 5 of my current favorite dainty pieces and layered them one by one. Not only did it make the look unique but you also don't have to worry about someone else having the same necklace because, Hey! you just created that in your bedroom!

Comfy shoes and a bag in a hue that will match your wardrobe colour tones is key! You really can't go wrong with a pair of sneakers at the moment. Pair it with jeans for that carefree, chic look or even with a dress like I did to add some edge to that feminine vibe! Most of all don't be afraid to experiment with your style. The more you experiment, the more you'll know what works the best for your mind as well as your body type and hence lead the path to having an impeccable wardrobe and style, which would be the envy of many down the years. I hope this helps some of you and Good luck for these amazing college days! Live them to the fullest because trust me, most of these memories will live forever.

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