Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Mermaid Life

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Dress- Veromoda, Hat- Veromoda, Sandals- Jabong 

It's a no brainer to opt for white ensembles in summer but I have currently been obsessed with a combination of blues and whites. And being on the beach for the past 3 days has only intensified my admiration for these hues. So while shopping and browsing through stores to upgrade my summer wardrobe, I've been drawn to all things mimicking the gorgeous sea! Prints are a huge trend this summer and this ocean inspired maxi summed it all up, making this dress a perfect trendy piece to don! Im all for stylish yet comfortable dressing in the summer and a one piece dress makes it easy to put on and also gives an assumption of having spent enough time to achieve a well put together look. Which is why I have been taking advantage of the Buy 2 Dresses, Get 30% off offer at Veromoda and stocking up on some flirty numbers.

Some other trends that I have currently been hooked on to are Indian inspired prints, bohemian silhouettes, lots of lace and crochet in white or dusty pink hues, embroidered details on dresses or tops, flirty frills and the trusty summer layer, a good vest. Pair the tops with ripped white jeans and your dresses with simple lace up sandals for that ideal summer look. I have also been into flaunting simple makeup accompanied by a bed head. Parading your natural hair texture is another sought after fad. Nude and coral tones for your makeup and perfectly bronzed and highlighted skin is all you need to portray that just-returned-from-Greece look! 

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Day In My Life

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Unlike what most you may think, my day is just as regular as yours. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw what my Sundays might look like but on a usual week day, it's all about checking things off my To-Do list! I wake up at around 8.30 am and from then on, its one task after another. I sit on my bed for at least 30 minutes, checking up on emails on my laptop or updating my Instagram or Snapchat or even updating my wedding planner! I then have my coffee or tea and begin packing my stuff for the day while gorging on some delicious fruits. My morning skin care is quite simple where I moisturize with my Revitalizing Supreme Light cream after I cleanse and tone my skin. I also mix one drop of the Estee Lauder Advance Night repair serum to my foundation to give me that healthy glow. I carry my world in my bag and it has back ups of almost everything in case I miss a step in my hurried routine. Most of the times I have a few meetings scheduled in the first half of the day, so while I prep for it, I multitask and deal with anything that needs my urgent attention. I love carrying a perfume in my bag as it instantly preps me up, no matter the time of the day, making me feel fresh and confident for the meetings. I also carry my Estee Lauder Double Wear Compact to touch up during the day just in case the heat succeeds to ruin my make up!

No matter how busy my day is, I try to throw in at least a 30 minutes workout almost 5 days a week! It could be a run or weight training or even a dance class, but it's essential that I sweat it out. Post that, on some days, I'm headed to an event or a dinner date with Smaran or even just a round of drinks with my girlfriends. I keep my make up basic but make sure to add on a long wear lipstick which will stay in place while I frolic and eat to my hearts desire! I love how the Double Wear compact easily fits in my clutch and I can even take it with me for touch ups during those long nights. But no matter how crazy my day or night has been, I never sleep with my make up on! So even if I am back home at 3 am, I will double cleanse my skin and apply my serum before I hit the cozy space. I've been using the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Cleansing Balm or the Cleansing foam to take my make up off. It's super quick and takes off all of the make up in one go! I then follow up with this miracle of a serum- The Advanced Night Repair which has not only improved the texture of my skin but also made it brighter and healthier looking. The best part of following this night time routine has been waking up to happy skin!

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 is here!

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 photo 973c507b-7e4f-47b1-9065-37918244c557_zpsl4ydgtqm.jpg
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With new technology wowing us everyday & hoards of new products being launched, very few things actually intrigue my mind & I of course don't consider myself a conventional gadget freak! Although, just like many of you, my life too revolves around technology; so when Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2, I could barely wait to get my hands in it! Watches that would do more than just tell the time? Hell yeah, I'm all in for smart watches or wearables as they like to call it!

I got my hands on the classic style of the Gear S2 which has a well made leather strap, making it versatile enough for work and play. A fully circular wearable with a nifty rotating bezel, it was impressive from the first glance. I've been using it for a little over two weeks now and thought I'd share my two cents on so to say, the new gadget in my life.

The minute I took the Gear S2 out of the box, I could immediately tell how well made it was. The buttery soft leather strap, well weighing dial, was an instant hit! On turning the Gear S2 on, the great display is something that totally surprised me. The rotating bezel which is for easy navigation was something that I had never tried before! It really does make naviagting through various apps and features a child's play and I quickly adapted to this quirky feature!

This brings me to the display touch, where I only have good things to say about how responsive and smooth the circular display is! An intuitive interface and a high rating on the dust proof and water proof front, this smart wearable has left me beyond intrigued and I can't wait to continue using it and styling it with so many different outfits and looks. If you're interested in seeing all the looks I pair with my Gear S2 and also take a peek at my favourite apps and features, keep an eye out because those blogs are coming up very soon!

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