Wednesday, June 24, 2015


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Dress- Only, Lace & Crochet vest- Only, Head piece- Colaba, Hamsa hand chain- Mesh, Jewelled hand chain- Pipabella

I can't believe that June is almost coming to an end and we are all set to enter the second leg of 2015! The second half of the year has always been my favourite so I'm not really complaining. It's a completely different thing that I am not even half way done with my 'Things I have to accomplish this Year' list and I am definitely beginning to feel the pressure. Although, I am quite happy about the things that I have been able to get done. For example, one of things that I wanted to do was become more active! Be it taking that extra dance class or just heading out to finally meet up that old friend who you have been making plans to meet with since 2014 or getting involved in a project close to your heart. I've realized that doing these small things out of my regular routine, makes me a happier and more satiated person instead of just being jealous of someone's I-will-brag-on-Facebook accomplishments or even overcoming that feeling of just not doing enough! Thanks to social media, we often fall prey to comparing our lives with someone else's curated display of happiness, not realizing that it is probably not even the whole truth. What I have come to realize is that, happiness is a choice, feeling happy for other people is in fact, a sign of a mature person! It may take some time to get used to but once you're there, you will feel so much better from within!

Another thing was blogging more often! I did get to a slow start but I have been making a conscious effort to keep up with it. I have been trying to make the content as interesting as possible with, the images we churn out or even the write ups to go with it. Before the rain gods showered us with these sudden, crazy bouts of rainfall, this look was definitely my ideal summer look and working on this post has provided me with that much needed closure from summer! A printed maxi dress can be a staple through the year and you can style it in so many different ways! Personally, I love the hues of this dress and paring it with this light lace vest made it a favourite. Trying to recreate an image I saw on Pinterest, we scouted for this location and played dress up with this minimalistic accessories. If I was to wear this look for a regular day in the city, I would just add a fringed tan bag and just replace the head gear with a straw hat! Another way would be to to just add a denim jacket of the vest and thrown on a black bucket back and lace up sandals. See, there are just too many ways to rock this dress! How would you style this piece? Also, head to the Only store this weekend and if you're lucky, you many be able to snag this beauty on sale! 

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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Golden Streak

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Jewellery- Azva, Outfit- SVA

How often does it happen that, you don a piece of clothing or jewellery and suddenly experience a surge of confidence running through your veins? Rarely, I'm certain. I go from one outfit to another, mixing and matching, tweaking & styling outfits every single day but seldom does it call out to me in such a whimsical way. However, this particular look was all about that. By now, you're quite aware that I absolutely love the amalgamation of traditional looking jewellery paired with modern silhouettes and unconventional styles. This outfit gave me another chance of experimenting with something a bit more dramatic. I love the exaggerated dhoti pants accompanied by a simple yet alluring bustier top, a cape that can add drama to just about any situation & of course the dazzling jewellery to add that final streak of opulence.

I have been associated with Azva for close to a year now and it has been my pleasure to have styled pieces from their collection with so many different ensembles. This one is probably my favourite as it encapsulates my love for juxtaposition. The colours, the trinkets, the location, everything played a huge role in instantly transferring me to my whimsical world. The jewellery I chose for this look was rather simplistic adding the right kind of magical touch to the entire look. Known for their excellent craftsmanship and the art of presenting gold jewellery in a way that it's rarely seen or imagined of, Azva has surely created a special place in my heart. I always attempt to throw outfit ideas for you guys to easily recreate and cherish for those special occasions in your life. I hope you guys have enjoyed my take on this and will keep your mind open to the beautiful ways of styling up those evergreen pieces of gold. 

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fringe it up.

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Shirt & Vest- Veromoda, Shorts- Veromoda, Sunglasses- RayBan, Shoes- Aldo, On my lips- Ririwoo by Mac

Fringe is definitely having it's moment this summer and it is all set to be carried forward in the second half of this year too! Seen on the runaways of some renowned designer's shows, this trend is now accessible at a high street store near you. As eye catchy as it is, if taken too far, sometimes this tricky trend can easily look a little costume-y or make you look like a Coachella-wannabe. The trick is to pair one statement fringe piece with other basics or simpler modern separates. You can find fringe on the hemlines of skirts and dresses, sleeves of tops and jackets, bags and shoes so, take your pick and ease your way into flaunting this trend. Starting with a bag or fringe shoes is the simplest and almost fool proof way of trying out this trend to see, how comfortable you are with it or how uncomfortable it makes the people around you! Also, sticking to neutral tones always makes it easy on the eyes and even easier to style. For this outfit, I paired a light weight mesh, fringe vest with one of my other current favourite trend, Khaki. I am also loving the darker side of tropical prints because they add an earthy feel to the look. Trustee old RayBans, punches of red & my favourite tan heels complete this fun look! Where would I wear this? To a fun weekend brunch, a brand event or even replace the heels with oxfords for a road trip! If you're not feeling this look or the colours, step into a VeroModa store to check out a lot more pieces in different fabrics like suede, lace and get your dose of fringe. 

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