Monday, October 12, 2015

Three Way with TIGI by Bedhead

I am quite open to experimenting when it comes to my hair colour but when it comes my hair style, I'm rather boring. I'll throw my hair up in a bun or braid it occasionally, but more often than not you'll find me parading my freshly curled mane. So last month during Lakme Fashion week, when I had the opportunity to spend some time with the stylists from Bed Head by TIGI, I knew I wanted to try something different. I not only got them to style up three of their iconic looks on me but also got a step by step break down, so that you can recreate these looks at home!

1) Vertical Set

- Prep you hair with a good cleanse and conditioning, using products of your choice. 

- Then start with some Superstar thickening spray & the After Party smoothing cream to get a sleek yet tactful hair texture.

- They then suggest that you start by taking pivoting sections; which are nothing but sections that resemble a pizza slice, all through your hair.

- Curl the section vertically, using a tong to create a spring shaped curl. You could even spray some of the Head Hard spray in each section before curling it, to get a better, long lasting curl.

- Now, clip the section to the scalp to help retain it's shape. 

- Repeat the curl & clip process through all of your hair.

- After 5-10 minutes, remove the clips and use a flat brush to open up the curls and then set them the way you like. Don't forget to spray some of the Headrush shine spray to add a finishing touch to this glamorous do. 

 photo STYLDRV_5465_zpshbqlqnki.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_-5462_zpswhhwovsd.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5480_zpsjprxzcav.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_-5507_zpsixjgk9ld.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_-5498_zps7mnzcqy9.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5526_zpsktj8jbny.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5552_zpsuppeokaa.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5562_zpsfckxuu2w.jpg

2) Rope Braid

- Start my parting your hair as per you liking. 

- The stylist used the primping technique to get that voluminous, textured look in my hair. You could absolutely skip this step and just use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner for the previous wash or alternatively, you could even use the Dirty Secret dry shampoo to add that much needed volume.

- Before you start, prepare your hair with the Totally Baked meringue, for a better grip while braiding.

- To the achieve the rope braid, start by splitting the hair into two 1 inch chunks on either side of your parting.

- Then go on twisting the two sections separately while switching them from left to right and vice versa, adding 1 inch chunks of hair as you go.

- Once done with one side, secure the end of the braid on the back with bobby pins.

- Now continue this process on the other side, creating a wreath like design with the rope braid along with hair line.

- Secure the lose end of the other braid and spray some hair spray to help hold it all in place. You could even use the Wax Stick to smooth-en the fly aways.

 photo STYLDRV_5583_zpsysb6p7z6.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5599_zpsh1w23buk.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_-5610_zpstzgzoxzs.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_-5621_zpsanduh4ti.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_-5702_zps8lxa7ccy.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_-5634_zpspj7iwv6p.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5694_zpscnzkicpx.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5662_zps5trt0ksy.jpg

3) The Faux Bob

- For this look again, make sure you start with big, voluminous hair. 

- Now, if you have shorter hair, you probably don't need to even bother with this step but for those of you who have long hair like me, start by taking a horse shoe section of hair and clip it away.

- Separate the length below the horseshoe by twisting your hair into small tufts, pinning them away close to the scalp, to aid the illusion of short hair.

- Once done with the bottom length, start vertically curling pivoting sections of the top hair, using a tong and clip them to cool off. Use the Masterpiece spray shine spray for to give a good hold and add more body. This spray also works brilliantly against humidity so it's definitely a must do step for anyone from Mumbai!

- After 10 minutes, take the clips off. Begin separating the curls to create volume and backcomb using your fingers. Repeat this step on smaller sections of hair to create this shabby chic, faux bob!

 photo STYLDRV_-5463_zps8pb4yjdv.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_-5734_zpsngf7jrbx.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5754_zpsube9iney.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5758_zpsqveookdg.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5765_zpsmrr6niry.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5793_zpsdzw4knod.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5841_zpsxaxwbvku.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5825_zpsmrwcfq1l.jpg

I hope you guys found this useful and easy to follow! I had a lot of fun shooting this and I won't lie, it was a nice change too. My favourite was definitely the Faux Bob but do comment below and tell me which of these looks is your favourite so that I can recreate it for my next outfit post shoot!

Images by Jaina Kumar

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Denim & Leather

 photo SD-3074_zps6rtkrrob.jpg
 photo SD-3152_zpsbnvhohuz.jpg
 photo SD-3129_zpsp0t6q81i.jpg
 photo SD-3159_zpsa2yxlzlj.jpg
 photo SD-3079_zpsdqmgywoq.jpg
 photo SD-3126_zpszraxmep7.jpg
Denim shirt- Veromoda, Leather skirt- Veromoda, Beaded top- Veromoda, Shoes- Dolce & Gabbana, Earrings- Pipabella, Sunglasses- Italia Independent, On my Lips- Pink Nouveau

There are some splendid days when, I am able to assemble a look within minutes without having second thoughts. This outfit was the outcome of one such day. Ready to head to a meeting followed by an event, I required an outfit that was a balanced mix of casual and formal, shabby & chic. I started with this butter soft pleather pencil skirt and paired it with a feminine beaded cream top. A lot of people are vary of wearing leather in the day time but the trick is just to dress it down with more casual pieces to make sure it shines the right way. I was going to add a blazer but decided to instead opt for a a casual denim shirt with a faded wash depicting aptly the shabby chic look. I cannot stress enough on how key the role of accessories is to make or break an outfit or to make it appear more casual or more event appropriate. I decided to add my staple black lace & leather pumps, a studded clutch & reflective sunglasses to add pizzazz to this ensemble.

I have been having such crazy busy days on a personal and professional front and I am now left longing for a holiday! Although, I don't see that happening anytime soon as I have way too many things to accomplish before I could even think of relaxing. However, I am quite open to the idea of a mini getaway so if you guys have any suggestions on where I could pop in for a couple of days, do leave it in the comments below. I am thinking of a beachy location down south but I can always reconsider! I hope you guys have a wonderful start to this last leg of 2015 and you kick ass everyday!

Images by Jaina Kumar

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Sunday, October 4, 2015


 photo STYLDRV_3218_zpsrdlggsls.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_3264_zpsrrigknzw.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_3279_zpsobjybfen.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_3303_zpsuamnjzin.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_3232_zpsulqoj2nn.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_-3255_zps7h7bcvtv.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_3308_zpsglenlr2s.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_3269_zpsnmn3hq4f.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_3241_zpsmnn4qwew.jpg
Clothing & accessories- Lifestyle, On my lips- Pink Nouveau by Mac

I've been blogging for longer than I can remember and in all these years, I have always stayed away from conducting meet ups because I live in the constant fear of , "What if no one turned up?". I mean I am always flattered to know how many of you appreciate my sense of style but I don't take myself that seriously and hence the hesitance. Last month however, I decided to shed my inhibition and gave this meet up idea a go! And I now feel so incredibly foolish to have delayed it for this long. Not only was it incredible to meet some of you but it was also an amazing experience. So thank you so much Lifestyle for making this possible and more gratitude towards all the people who took the time out from college, school, work & dropped in to say Hi!

While I was in the Lifestyle store during the day of the meet up, I discovered so many trendy pieces from a lot of their in-house brands as well as some high street brands that they stock. I decided to take note of some obvious trends and report back to you guys! The very first trend that I couldn't miss was Denim. It was prevalent across all brands, in every style that you could imagine. If you follow me on Snapchat, you probably saw the gorgeous Denim maxi I wore to the event and felt completely in sync! I also noticed a lot of dark florals, plenty of deeper hues like navy & marsala, monochromatic prints as well as bohemian inspired pieces. These trends didn't end at clothes and were in fact extended to even the accessories and shoes. 

I could not leave the store without picking up a few pieces, so I decided to create a look from some of my favourite items. For this look, the star piece was this scarf print skirt in my current favourite hues. There is something about a good midi skirt that I cannot say no to! I paired it with a classic, Chinese collar blouse and played it up with some bohemian accessories. These tassel earrings mixed with some statement gold cuffs, a fringe bag and simple sunglasses made ideal picks for this look. If you're feeling any of these trends or pieces, they are all available at affordable prices at a Lifestyle near you! Don't forget to tell me what you thought of this look and what is your current favourite trend?

Images by Jaina Kumar

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