Friday, August 18, 2017

A Getaway with Jo Malone

 photo JML_0020_zpsnhngpbyd.jpg
 photo JML_8742_zpsdrprtl1c.jpg
 photo JML_9537_zps9q808sef.jpg
 photo JML_9588_zpsg3jrifwp.jpg
 photo JML_8644_zps5jlkwret.jpg
 photo JML_8174_zpsuv0igswv.jpg
 photo JML_9735_zpsm6po5yf8.jpg
 photo JML_8700_zpszkera6g5.jpg
 photo JML_0233_zpsxstc5i6g.jpg photo JML_9630_zpsqza6atuu.jpg
 photo JML_9169_zpssiz56eek.jpg photo JML_8122_zpsfrs714z2.jpg
 photo JML_0110_zpspbey71pi.jpg

Back in April, I was whisked away to an enthralling property nestled in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature and complete zen. When I think of the brand Jo Malone, that exact same feeling is what surrounds me. Jo Malone is a brand I was first introduced to years ago, by some of my favourite YouTubers and my very first store visit was about 5 years ago in Dubai. It's a brand that let's you enjoy luxury even in the smallest way and my Jo Malone products are my vanity favourites. Be it the array of scents, the luxurious body creams or even the packaging, every aspect of the brand sways you towards it. So when I found out that the reason for our 2 day getaway was to experience the brand first hand, I immediately agreed!

We stayed at the gorgeous Amanbagh and every time I stepped out of the room, I was led to a captivating sight! The elaborate dinner set ups, the spectacular life size scent themed Jo Malone boxes, the unforgetable sunrise Safari and the never ending hospitality by the brand, made this an experience to remember! Apart from all this, we also learnt so much about how the team comes up with the inspiration for the unique fragrances and how mixing them is an art most people are unaware of. For me, I love layering my scents as it gives me the feeling of wearing an unique fragrance. But Jo Malone forced me to take one step further and mix scents not just using perfumes but even your lotions and body washes! My favourite combination was the Woodsage & Seasalt body creme mixed with Myrah & Tonka cologne and finishing of with a walk through in the Peony & Blush suede! Boy did that smell heavenly. A few of my other favourites are the Pomegranate Noir & the Lime, Basil & Mandarin scents!

Jo Malone has a wide variety of products, ranging from candles to body cremes to colognes to bath oils! The best part is, if you really love a scent, you can get pretty much every product to match and be surrounded by that fragrance all through the day! They recently opened their very first store in India at The Palladium Mall in Mumbai & if you haven't stepped in yet, I dare you to go in & come out without getting at least one thing or having a wish list down to your knee! And if you're a Jo Malone lover like me, do comment below and tell which are your absolute favourite scents! I'd love to try them out! And also a huge thank you to Jo Malone, for hosting me & treating me nothing less than a princess.

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Go Prime!

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With the influx of brands and online selling portals in India, the customer has suddenly become the king or so it seems! Well either way, a king needs that special array of variety and Amazon's Prime Day is all set to make you feel like a king while you spend like a pauper! This is an annual practice on the Amazon global website but it's the first time that it's hitting the Indian shores. For a period of 30 hours, starting at 6pm on 10th July, Amazon India Prime members will be the first to get access to over 30+ exclusive national and international brands! You get to experience exclusive brand launches of Steve Madden Jewellery, top fashion brands like Asics, GAP, Lavie, Fila, Delsey and many more who will be launching select styles from their A/W 2017 collections.

Designer Rocky S & Payal Kapoor are also launching some of their exclusive collections just for the Amazon Prime Day! An exclusive line of trendy jewellery by Steve Madden, Fresh new ins from some of the most well loved brands like Forever21, Lotto, Louis Philip, Liberty, ONLY, Puma, Woodland, Swiss Military, etc. there's more than one can imagine to browse through! So if you guys haven't signed up for Amazon Prime yet, now's the time! The exclusive deals and discount will start from 6pm tomorrow. Don't miss out!

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Game. Set. Ramble

 photo styldrv_8299_zpsjoz9ilft.jpg
 photo styldrv_8354_zpsnzhwjdk4.jpg
 photo styldrv_8310_zpsosfwcxse.jpg
 photo styldrv_-8413_zpsbgafittc.jpg photo styldrv_8292_zpsvjvb5fqw.jpg
 photo styldrv_8393_zpsijmw5szo.jpg
 photo styldrv_8315_zpsjnx2p8ho.jpg
 photo styldrv_8368_zpsvqjf9wys.jpg
Skirt, top, shoes- Veromoda's New Collection

I honestly can't remember what my life was before the overwhelming take over by social media. Yes, I am aware I owe my current profession to this entity and yet I don't feel that same gratitude that I did maybe a year or two ago. I don't know if it's because of the clutter it's become or because of the constant feed of unnecessary information. Information that one can live with out sharing & I certainly can live without knowing. Not so long ago, I caught myself rummaging through thoughts and things around me to create "content". It could be anything. Food I eat, clothes I bought, my wedding lehengas, my dog, a dog, just anything that I thought would grasp mass attention. And yet despite the likes and comments, there was this void inside me, because before I could even fathom the love on my previous update, I was already looking for my next one. It took me a while to even accept that I was indeed, falling into this pattern. I'm sure several are still in denial and will continue to pass it off under the pretext of being "better influencers". Yeah that's the term we fall under now, Influencers. So I've started making a conscious effort to do things the way I want and not just for others to watch. Update my profile with what I want and not just because something might get me more likes. And most importantly, stop this cycle of constantly seeking. Stop looking for fries while I'm still sipping on a delicious milkshake! And this blog is a start to that chapter. Of me being utterly honest. Not because you deserve it but because I do.

For me, blogging started with people sharing fashion ideations. Places they found quirky things, sharing new beauty trends or products, helping the regular girl become the white swan. Now, its gone way beyond that. I now notice people wanting to imitate lifestyles. The way one behaves, the places one goes to, the travels they embark on! And it probably wouldn't be such a bad thing, if only you knew what all these people, including myself at one point play up to. I've seen "influencers" pretending to be jovial for images and videos and right when they're off the camera, they're just empty, sad faces. Not so long ago, I went to an event with a prestigious brand who flew in a few influencers from other countries too. I was excited because I genuinely had been following one of them for over 2 years now. I thought seeing her would make me want to go up to her and share this with her but her vibe was instantly such a put off. Whilst sitting at a dinner table, she would whip out her camera to get that happy shot and as soon as it was accomplished, she either went back to her phone or indulged only in conversations that fell within her safe zone, with people she already knew. She then spent an hour discussing with a travel guide to help her find a particular pink wall that she had seen on Instagram. So what if she was visiting the country for the first time, this particular city for the first time and yet the only thing she was seeking is a pink wall to match up to her Instagram feed! A few days later, I saw her Instagram updates completely edited to match the rest of feed. She went to the extent of photoshopping one of the Wonders of the World to work for her! And honestly I may have not noticed this before in her earlier larger than life images but that's because I didn't know what the place really looked like, but as I was present here and knew exactly what the places looked like, I was left astonished. That moment was such an eye opener. It made me realise what we've all come to be.

We may have come too far, we may have turned into voyeuristic vultures but then again it's a choice just like everything else in life. I was reading an article which said that, "Social media websites activate the brain's reward centre. When we get positive feedback in the forms of comments, likes of hearts, our brain processes reward feelings making us addicted to post more content while consuming other's posts! Biologically, we are programmed to be curious creatures. We are psychologically wired and socially cultured to do so. In other words, it's not your fault that you spend hours aimlessly trawling through random people's profiles, we are evolutionarily preconditioned to be curious about the world around us but specially in regards to social relationships!" So, the question now is to be or not to be? While I strive to end this conundrum, tell me what you guys think of this! 

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

13 Reasons to Shop the ONLY Sale

 photo styldrv_8466_zpsjsasfqql.jpg photo styldrv_8503_zpsnm7nfpyi.jpg
 photo styldrv_8509_zpsw8bsow22.jpg photo styldrv_8504_zpszz4g4hyt.jpg photo styldrv_8518_zpsxkjnb2fc.jpg
 photo styldrv_8481_zpsnmbwreps.jpg
 photo styldrv_8492_zpsiylpeeag.jpg
Dress- Only, Sunglasses- Rayban, Bomber Jacket- Only, Slogan muscle tee- Only, Shoes- H&M

Well not like we need a reason to indulge in some retail therapy every now and then, but here are 13 reasons why you may need to rush to your nearest ONLY store!

1) With the crazy GST chaos, here's your last chance to indulge in some retail therapy where you're kind of getting some discount from the government too! Plus the prices at the Only sale are jaw dropping low.

2) A brand that stocks everything to fit the wardrobe of a college goer to a girl boss, you can find so many versatile pieces all under one roof!

3) ONLY denims are something I swear by and the array of variations they stock makes this the first aisle I always check during sale. And I swear I've never walked out unhappy or empty handed.

4) They have a small selection of workout wear too and if you're looking to slay at the gym, here's a chance to grab some stylish gym wear at a discount!

5) I always look for trendy pieces during sale and this year I'm focusing on the Slogan tee's. And who does Slogan tee's better than Only?

6) I'm pretty sure that no matter where you are, there is an Only store super close by! If not, just log on to to shop away!

7) They do so many limited edition collections and this year's Garfield collection is on sale too!

8) I love accessories but at the rate at which I lose them, buying them in sale always seems like a good idea!

9) This metallic bomber jacket I'm wearing, I love finding such statement pieces at a discount! I know i'll have it my close forever and I'll always flaunt the fact that I got for a steal!

10) I know so many of you work 9-5 jobs and look forward to the weekend to let your hair down! This weekend visit the Only sale to upgrade that much loved weekend wardrobe of yours.

11) Because this is everything!

12)  I love lounging around at home and I'm certainly not the kinds to dress up every day! So i'm always on the look out for cute lounge wear and Only has some great ones!

13) My last reason is, time's running. Shop before it's all gone!

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Monday, June 26, 2017

How to Wear : Culottes

 photo styldrv_6431_zpsaqggqolm.jpg
For me, the best fashion is the kind that marries comfort & effortless style! Culottes may not seem enticing at first given the sometimes, awkward length and Indian body types but I swear there are some hacks that can make them your summer/monsoon essentials. I even think that they make a great travel staple and I wore so many throughout  my Spain trip! They are comfy and verstaile which is exactly why they have currently replaced my stack of denim and trousers! Try a monotone pair to ease into this trend in case you're too scared of the prints. For me though, printed culottes are a favourite. Stripes, floral prints, tribal inspired prints, I've got one of each! So here are the 7 ways in which I find styling culottes the most flattering and easy!

1) With a Fitted White Tee
A complete no brainer yet something that gets ignored for being too simple is a white tee! A well fitted white tee or shirt tucked into the rather shapeless culottes can help balance the silhouette with ease. It will accentuate your waist and you can even pair it with any printed culottes! Pair it with statement sunglasses and earrings to add more polish. photo styldrv_3829_zpswh95pizi.jpg

2) With an Outerwear piece
I love this trick because it instantly makes this casual style of pants appear more put together or formal. A well fitted Blazer, a crochet shrug or even a sleeveless vest, any of these would work and will take you from plain jane to yes ma'am!  photo styldrv_6435_zpszqfqqbkb.jpg

3) With a Peplum style top
Now this is something I recently tried out & I think it worked rather splendidly. Wearing a peplum style top could work for all body types too! If you're on the skinny side, it can help add some curves and if you're already blessed with curves, adding a belt can help you accentuate that further. Don't be afraid of mixing prints and colours! photo styldrv_7856_zpsniz8tiqj.jpg

4) With a Slogan Tee
A simple pair of black culottes is a good place to start. I sometimes go one size up from my usual size because I like mine to flow more and fit less. Recently my go to look has been a pair of black culottes with comfy slogan tee's. Simple, chic and effortless, this look is easy to throw on and also let's me amp up the accessories! photo styldrv_7137_zpsmgdgpbaa.jpg

5) With a Shirt
This is yet another easy peasy trick! Pairing a culotte with a shirt can go quite wrong if you don't use a belt or pair it with a super well fitted shirt. For me, I like pair it with shirts that fit better that my waist and flow out at my hips. If I'm going to use a regular shirt, I just add a was it belt. You could even open the bottom three buttons of your shirt and tie it up into a knot! photo styldrv_3601_zpsqqw1afrx.jpg

6) With a Cropped top
Last minute dinner or drinks plan? Cropped tops and culottes for the win! Culottes are high waisted making it easier to pair it with cropped tops. Cropped tops also add that sexiness that this otherwise boxy bottom wear lacks! photo styldrv_7945_zpszk4ysh9f.jpg

7) With an Off shoulder top
Off shoulder tops and cold shoulder tops are here to stay so why not pair these two fun trends together. The key to rock this look without a glitch is choosing either cropped versions or neatly tucking the lose end of the top into your culottes. I love this look because it makes me feel like I'm on a holiday. Just something about off shoulders and flowy things! photo styldrv_1165_zpsf1rruyev.jpg

So don't be afraid and try on one of these looks today! Also comment below and tell me which one these looks is your favourite. 

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Friday, June 23, 2017

One For All

 photo styldrv_8231_zpsaaqy2rd0.jpg
 photo styldrv_8217_zpsdinstkra.jpg photo styldrv_8250_zpshyntgrux.jpg
 photo styldrv_8200_zpshqqspqij.jpg photo styldrv_8177_zpsd3et61h6.jpg
 photo styldrv_8252_zpsuixtvq3s.jpg
 photo styldrv_8226_zpsgchayjgf.jpg photo styldrv_8270_zpsezk3nmfu.jpg
Jumpsuit- French Connection on Amazon Fashion, Earrings- Accessorise on Amazon Fashion, Shoes- Steve madden, Sunglasses- Rayban on Amazon Fashion| Location- D:OH all day

Whoever invented the jumpsuit was a sheer genius. Minus the time when you need to empty your bladder, this piece is everything you need when you can't decide what to wear or even when you're all set to make a statement. Easy to grab, easy to style, and if you have a monotone one, be assured that not only is it always going to be flattering but these things never go out of fashion! With a few minor upgrades in silhouettes and changes in prints or colours, every season you'll find the high street stores as well as the luxury boutiques well stocked with jumpsuits. This season, the culottes are having  their moment so why not rock a jumpsuit in a similar silhouette? 

This army green one was a great find on Amazon Fashion. It's from French Connection so the quality is beyond phenomenal. The cut, the colour, the fit, it just seemed like the right item to invest in! And you know what's better? It's currently selling at 60% off because of the Wardrobe Refresh Sale on amazon which is on from today, 23rd June to 25th June only! With over 3 lakh styles and every brand you could think of on board, it's the best opportunity to stock up some trendy pieces as well as some good old basics. Infact, I even shared my list of top 10 products in the last blog post, in case you'd like to take a short cut!

I love shopping in the sale but I find stepping into stores rather overwhelming during this time! And when you can avoid the crazy Mumbai traffic, constantly brushing shoulders with someone or even those never ending trial room and billing lines and yet grab the best bargains, then why not? For the next two days, you can grab clothes, accessories, fine jewellery and shoes for 50-80% off on Amazon Fashion! You can literally get this entire look I'm donning for less than Rs.10,000! So what are you waiting for? Grab it while it lasts!

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