Thursday, December 11, 2014


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Jewellery- Jaipur Jewels, Skirt- Zara, Bodycon dress- Forever21, Sandals- River Island

Last week we were invited by the Jaipur Jewels team to visit their flagship store in Mumbai to check out their new Sarvrati collection! I am a Marwari so traditional jewellery always gets me hooked. It could be the fact that I have grown up watching my mom don these stunning jadau pieces and as a kid I would grab every opportunity to wear them and impersonate her. As soon as I started browsing through the pieces, they brought back very fond memories. I promptly had my eyes on the versatile kundan chandbali’s with stunning green minakari! I can see myself wearing these not only with the traditional sari and lehenga but also to accentuate a stunning cocktail gown or even a simple silk kurta! Every piece is crafted so beautifully and I was determined to try them all before I left the store. These pieces are made not only keeping the bride in mind but also everyone else in the family who are equally ecstatic about the celebrations!

Close to 150 years ago, near the city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan the Naheta family began their journey as artisans of jadau jewellery. Honing their craft with local karigars over generations, they evolved from creating the finest pieces for the royalty to become one of India’s oldest families in the jewellery industry. What started as a brand that dealt with only Jadau jewellery and loose stones has gone to become a global craze when it comes to traditional and one of kind jewellery. The Sarvrati collection is a mix jadau as well as diamond & emerald jewellery set in stunning designs in the form of necklaces, opulent earrings, bracelets, mangteeka’s, rings, you name it they have it. To match the opulence of the bride they also stock sherwani and kurta buttons, chains and several other accessories for the groom as well!

I love paring traditional jewellery with modern, high street pieces to create a balance and break those age old myths! The key to let the jewellery be the hero is by making sure that your base is made up of solid colours. To avoid seeming mundane, pick an ensemble with textured fabrics or pleats. I chose this body con dress and layered it with a faux leather pleated skirt along with this stunning jewellery. I’m not sure where this outfit would fit in but I just loved the contrast it created! So this wedding season, stand out by creating subtle contrasts not just in terms of colours but also the way you style your jewellery and come up with pairings that will blow everyone’s mind. Drop in at Jaipur Jewels, Napean Sea Road, Mumbai and Pitampura, Delhi, to browse through their collection because you are sure to find something that will fit your need perfectly! Also join me on Twitter on 12th December, Friday from 1pm to 3pm for a fun Q&A tweet up where I would be happy to answer any of your wedding season related queries be it what jewellery to pair with an outfit you’ve chosen or what make up would help you accentuate your look to trendy hairstyles and much more! Follow me on @aayushibangur and @Jaipur_Jewels and send in your questions with #JaipurJewels to be part of this. See you there!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Indian Extravaganza

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Jewellery- Azva, Lehenga- Priyal Prakash (buy here), Shoes- Zara, On my lips- Vegas Volt by Mac

The sangeet is probably my favourite part of any Indian wedding. I love dancing which is probably one of the main reasons but I also admire the energy which is so infectious and instantly makes everyone a part of the extravaganza! It's easier for me to decide on a look for this occasion because I make sure to set aside my lehenga specifically for it. In the past, I have made the mistake of picking a super opulent attire which constantly restricted my movement through the event. So this time I was motivated to find a good mix of comfort and opulence, which is why this blue & green ensemble seemed perfect! The raw silk lehenga layered with a tulle added the flair that I desired and the simple gold choli as well as the net dupatta made it a comfortable choice.

I wanted to keep my jewellery minimal yet alluring. So I went for a stunning Azva set with intricately handcrafted floral detailing which matched the floral trim on the dupatta. It also had a touch of blue & green which complemented my outfit perfectly. I believe in minimalism when it comes to accessories but I was so smitten by the design of the earrings that I went ahead to flaunt it all at once! Azva jewellery is crafted in 22 karat gold which makes it an ideal choice for such occasions. A statement ring and a beautifully designed bracelet flawlessly completed the look. I love how the jewellery subtly yet effectively elevated the attire!Azva has certainly played an immense role in my increased fondness for gold jewellery! What do you guys think of this look and don't forget to tell me what you're loving this wedding season!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Monochrome Tales

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Dress- Marquee by Veromoda, Shoes- River Island

I am a monochrome lover but very rarely will I flaunt it without a pop of colour either in the form of my make up or some accessories! But this time, I decided to give the pop a ditch because frankly this dress had enough elements to grab eye balls anyway. When I entered the Veromoda store to check out the two new collections that have been added to the Marquee line this month, this dress instantly caught my attention. Given, that it is slightly out of my comfort zone and I would need to hit up one of the Abs Workout videos on YouTube before wearing this, irrespective, I decided to give this a go! One of the main reason for the attraction was the studded detailing on the sleeves which set it apart from the mundane. The plain top half was contrasted by a floral pattern on the bottom balanced the dress impeccably.

The two collections that have been added to the stores this month include Nocturnal Rendezvous and Hide & Seek. The former includes an interplay of various elements like structured elements on drapery as well as geometric designs combined with floral patterns. These unconventional pieces are occasionally splashed with oxidized beads. The latter is a sensuous dance between lace & satin, paying homage to the demure feminine form. Perfect for the woman who is confident, the collection plays with different tones which lends a sensual frivolity to the attire. One of my favourite pieces from this collection is a pastel green lace midi dress! What do you guys think of this look? Don't forget to check out the new collection here

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